KTG Social Care’s Registered Manager Lisa Floyd believes that with the implementation of the PASSsystem, significant improvements will be made, giving greater confidence to clients that their loved ones are in safe hands. For the first time ever, family members will be able to see live updates and highly detailed information relating to their loved ones support, on a mobile device at any time of the day or night, this is truly a transformational 24/7 experience for the family.

Family members will have access to records using our Care Planning app, getting instant updates on how Mum or Dad is doing and reassurance that they have received their care. This has a knock-on effect as time isn’t spent checking paper copies in the home, but  spending quality time with the people that mean the most to them.

GPs, district nurses and other health professionals will also be able to use the service should a customer want them to. That means that here will be more eyes on a persons welfare and a huge leap in ‘joined-up care’.

Now with our electronic Care Planning, our clients can access their records, and only their records, with full security. We are able to provide more engagement in the initial assessment to deliver a more thorough person centred care, as your loved ones can now speak directly into our mobile app, ensuring a more relaxed and informal support during this often stressful initial visit.

The PASSsystem is unique and is the only digital care management system that is NICE compliant, referenced in CQC and Care Inspectorate reports, and recommended by NHS England. Read  a report on how the PASSSystem is “Improving social care through digital care planning”.