KTG Social Care recognise our people who make the difference in your life.

KTG have reintroduced the Carers Recognition Award. This award  recognises outstanding performance and extraordinary service. Each quarter one carer from our Homecare teams & one from Agency will be recognised as providing exceptional service and care.

Below are some things to help you nominate that special carer who has made an impact on your life. Care,& Dignity & Respect.

Personal Centred Approach
  • Delivering a person centred care service which has made a positive difference to a service users life. This could involve facilitating access to something that the service user didn’t previously enjoy. Increasing social interaction, or as simple as ensuring that needs and wishes of the service user are carried out.
Professional Excellence
  • Demonstrate professional excellence ethics both in their work tasks and their relationships. Covering attendance, personal image and interactions with families, co-workers and key stakeholders.
Empower trust
  • Encouraging a service user by building up trust to enable more independence. Enable the service user to relearn or regain skills. Providing assistance to attendance social events. These all benefit the service users well being.

Nominate your favourite carer & tell us why you think they deserve to be recognised & how they have helped with your care. Nominations are accepted from colleagues, managers, service users and their families.


Send us an email including to care@ktgsocialcare.co.uk, or contact your Account Manager on 01772 558 528 (Agency option 1 Homecare option 2).


Be Proud, Be Nominated, Be a Winner!

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