Refer a friend at KTG

Refer a Friend

Refer a Friend for employment and you too will be rewarded KTG Social Care are giving you the opportunity to be awarded a special bonus when you refer a friend to join us. For each person you refer you could earn a cash bonus (subject to t&c). The individual you refer must meet our recruitment requirements*,…

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carbon footprint - ktg

How KTG is reducing their Carbon Footprint

KTG Social Care are investing in both your and your children’s future. As part of our Corporate Social Responsibility we are reducing our carbon footprint and moving towards a paperless care business. It is recognised that the use of paper in data intensive industries like healthcare and social care compromises productivity, quality of care and…

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KTG Social Care – You Know We Care – Care Planning with the PASSsystem

KTG Social Care’s Registered Manager Lisa Floyd believes that with the implementation of the PASSsystem, significant improvements will be made, giving greater confidence to clients that their loved ones are in safe hands. For the first time ever, family members will be able to see live updates and highly detailed information relating to their loved…

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