What is Refer a Friend?

The ‘Refer a Friend’ incentive scheme will reward you the Recommender, with money for recommending new carers into KTG Social Care.  The more friends you introduce, the more money you can earn.

How many friends can I nominate?
As many you like – just make sure they have the right skills for the role.

For further information relating to our current vacancies please direct your ‘friend’ to our  Careers page

Who can ‘Refer a Friend’?
The scheme is available to current employees working for KTG Social Care.

If your friend is already on the recruitment system they will not be deemed as a referral (Recommendee) as they have applied to us already and you will therefore not qualify for payment.

Referrals must be be submitted by the form at the Refer a Friend page, or speak with your Account Manager. Referrals must be recived before the person applies to KTG Social Care for work – referrals made at a later stage will not be valid.

The Recommender must have explicit consent from the Recommendee to provide their details to KTG Social Care.

What ‘Friends’ does this apply to?

Only your ‘friends’ that don’t already work at KTG Social Care. Ex-employees / Re-employments are excluded from this scheme.

How much do you receive for a successful nomination?

Carer voucher £75.00

Nurses voucher £150.00

This payment is directly through payroll and subject to normal payroll deductions.

When will I receive my payment?
To qualify for the reward, your referred friend (Recommendee) must be recruited, have successfully completed their induction training and worked for a minimum of 300 hours over a period of 16 weeks, starting from the date of their first shift,.

It is the responsibility of the Recommender to claim their recommendation bonus payment by contacting the KTG Social Care team no later than 28 days after the Recommendee has completed the required hours in the given time-frame.

Do I need to be with the company to receive my payment?
Current employees recommending candidates must be in employment with the company on the date of the payment.
They must not be working a notice period, under investigation or have live disciplinary warnings.
The company reserves the right to review this scheme at any time, which may result in the withdrawal of payment.

For more information about KTG Social Care, call us 01772 558 529, or email care@ktgsocialcare.co.uk


Recommender – A person who recommends a potential new temporary worker to KTG Social Care.

Recommendee – A new worker who has not previously worked for KTG Social Care..

Recommendation bonus payment – Payment in the form of cash for the Recommender of the amount stated for the profession of the Recommendee.

Compliant – KTG Social Care follows Recruitment and Employment Confederation Best Practice Guidelines. Under these guidelines, temporary worker checks are required, prior to the temporary worker commencing work. These include: right to work, proof of identity, DBS disclosure, occupational health and immunity, professional registration, specific training, competency interview, work history, references, professional and educational certificates. Once a temporary worker’s file is in accordance with the guidelines, the temporary worker’s file is deemed compliant and they are eligible to work.